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Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea, Dr. Un-Chan Chung *78 Event

Dr. Un-Chan Chung *78 will be in the Los Angeles area on Monday, April 21st to speak about "Building Trust, Cooperation, and Prosperity in Northeast Asia." Dr. Chung is the former Prime Minister of Korea (and honorary president of the Princeton Club of Korea).  He received a Princeton Econ Ph.D. in 1978. Date: Monday, April 21, [...]

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Intersections: Art and Science in America

Are art and science disparate disciplines? Polar opposites? Two sides of the brain? Princeton Professor Rachael DeLue has definite and provocative ideas about art and science. She believes they are intertwined in many ways, and her life’s work is to explore that intersection and share what she’s learned.

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PCSC Board Meeting

PCSC Board Members, all alumni, graduate alumni, and parents: Board meetings are the heart of this organization! This is your opportunity to get involved with planning future events, suggesting professors for us to invite to Los Angeles to speak, linking with Princeton-in-Hollywood, and anything else! All alumni, graduate alumni, parents, and friends of Princeton are [...]

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