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PCSC Board Meeting

PCSC Board Members, all alumni, graduate alumni, and parents: The next board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 10th, 2014. Board meetings are the heart of this organization! This is your opportunity to get involved with planning future events, suggesting professors for us to invite to Los Angeles to speak, linking with Princeton-in-Hollywood, and anything else! [...]

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Los Angeles High Table with Beth Doane

Yale, MIT, and Princeton alums are invited to join us for the second event in a new every-other-month series aimed at showcasing exciting work by dynamic speakers in an intimate setting. We especially welcome established alums in fields relevant to the talk and younger alums in all fields. This second Los Angeles High Table event features a talk by Beth Doane on socially-conscious business practices.

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Frances Arnold ’79 and Directed Evolution

Steve Anderson Photography Frances Arnold ’79 is something of a superhero in the world of directed evolution. According to one of her peers, “She hijacks biological enzymes and makes them do her bidding.” Arnold’s work could lead to more robust MRI scans, safer pesticides, drug manufacturing without toxic chemicals and [...]

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