The Princeton Club of Southern California and the LA High Table would like to invite Princeton, MIT and Yale alumni to join us in a conversation with Dr. Douglas Rushkoff (Princeton ‘83), moderated by John Oakes (Princeton ‘83). As we enter the second year of a global pandemic, Dr. Rushkoff will draw from his extensive study of the relationship between media and society to discuss how we can "stay human" in a world increasingly driven by digital technology.

Date: Sunday, January 24th

Time: 12:45pm  – 3pm PST (15 min Zoom mingling; speaker starts at 1pm PST, followed by Q&A and additional Zoom mingling)

Location: Zoom link to be sent out upon registration 



About the speaker:

Dr. Douglas Rushkoff ‘83 is a writer and media theorist interested in how technology changes our relationships with narrative, money, power, and one another.   Dr. Rushkoff was born in New York and grew up in Westchester County.   He graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University in 1983 with a degree in English and Theater.  He then moved to California, where he received an MFA in Directing from the California Institute of the Arts.  He holds a PhD in New Media and Digital Culture from Utrecht University and is currently a Professor of Media Theory and Digital Economics at CUNY/Queens, where he founded the Laboratory for Digital Humanism.

Dr. Rushkoff became interested in the internet before it was called the internet – he noticed that many of his counterculture friends from Princeton were moving to Silicon Valley to work on computers, and he began to explore why.  His first book “Cyberia,” published in 1994, profiled several internet pioneers and explored an optimistic, counterculture-inspired vision for where cyberspace would take our culture.  However,  this vision of an open global society that empowered the masses was tempered by the increasing commercialization of the internet in the late 1990s.  He now sees cyberspace as an amplifier of existing trends and believes that we must make a conscious effort to make it a force for social and economic justice.  Dr. Rushkoff has gone on to publish twenty books on media and popular culture.  His most recent book, “Team Human,” named after his podcast, calls for remaking technology to foster our humanity.

Dr. Rushkoff has produced documentaries for PBS Frontline and appeared on NPR’s All Things Considered.  He has written many newspaper columns about digital culture and was a regular columnist for CNN from 2012-2020.  He has won three different awards from the Media Ecology Association; for example, “Coercion,” an exploration of subtle societal persuasion algorithms, won the 2002 Marshal McLuhan Award for Best Media Book.

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About the moderator:

John Oakes ‘83 is the publisher of The Evergreen Review, co-founder and director of The New School Publishing Institute, and co-founder of OR Books, a publishing company recognized as one of “the radical alternatives to conventional publishing” (The Guardian). In his thirty years in the business, Oakes has published more than 600 books and negotiated hundreds of contracts with agents, authors, and translators. He started in publishing with Barney Rosset’s legendary Grove Press. 

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Optional Breakout Room Discussion Topics: What do you do to “stay human” during the pandemic?  How can public policy shape technology for the better?  We will also have young alumni and Class of ‘83 themed breakout rooms.


About LA High Table:

The Los Angeles High Table is a joint production of the MIT, Yale, and Princeton Clubs of Southern California that began in 2014.  We aim to showcase dynamic speakers in an intimate setting in which all of our alumni can connect with the topic and with each other. For more information about the LA High Table or join us as a volunteer (speaking at or hosting a future event, helping to organize future events, etc.), contact Seth Dorfman at la.hightable at

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