Negotiation for Princeton Women Series: Key Skills for Effectively Negotiating Career and Personal Issues Thirty Years or More Post-College Graduation

Thurs., November 10th • 4:00-5:00 pm Pacific Time (Panel); 5:00 - 5:30 pm Pacific Time (Breakouts)



Negotiation happens around us constantly. Whether we are negotiating a new role in our professional lives, or determining whose turn it is to walk the dog in our personal lives, negotiation is both necessary and inescapable. Women and non-binary individuals often face unique challenges when entering into negotiations. In addition, numerous factors -- including cultural heritage, social/economic status and background, and upbringing -- can impact approaches used by negotiators and reactions to them.

Join a panel of Princeton alumnae from diverse backgrounds and industries for the last in a four-part series of sessions focusing on strategies for women and non-binary individuals to achieve positive outcomes in negotiating for themselves. This series focuses on supporting alumnae and students in identifying strategies to achieve positive outcomes in negotiations for themselves in key professional and personal areas. In this fourth session, which will build on core skills discussed during the first session in 2021, panelists will address key issues many negotiate as they celebrate 30 years or more post-college graduation. As women approach and enter these years, professional issues they may be negotiating include late career matters such as generational differences in the workplace, professional re-invention, transitioning to new roles or part-time positions, family leave to care for relatives, and planning for and embracing retirement. Personal issues women may negotiate include the ever-challenging question of work/life balance, financial support for adult children, provision of childcare for grandchildren, allocating responsibilities among siblings and/or with a partner for elderly parents, setting boundaries for volunteer service, and meeting the opportunities and challenges of retirement.

Following the panel discussion, attendees will have the chance to network and reflect with one another in breakout rooms.

Alumna panel moderator: April Gilbert ’83 -- Negotiator, trainer, coach, and speaker with an emphasis on women’s empowerment. Her focus in her recent professional life has been offering training and coaching on negotiation strategies, primarily to women. She taught negotiations to MBAs at Mills College in Oakland before running her own coaching and training business.

Alumnae panelists:

Kamil Ali-Jackson ’81 (Panelist): Co-founder and retired Chief Legal Officer, Chief Compliance Officer and Secretary of the Board of Aclaris Therapeutics, Inc., a NASDAQ-listed biopharmaceutical company. Her career spans more than 35 years as a serial entrepreneur and attorney in emerging, mid-size and large life sciences companies.

Marcia Gonzales-Kimbrough ’75 (Panelist): Serves on the board of the Los Angeles Education Partnership (LAEP), which is the oldest education equity non-profit organization in the greater Los Angeles area. She had a distinguished, 39-year career with the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office where she served as a prosecutor handling criminal cases and then served as general counsel to a variety of city departments and programs, including the Fire Department, Police Department, and the Departments of Public Works, Recreation and Parks, and the Community Redevelopment Agency. Marcia retired in 2019.

Anu Vedantham *94 (Panelist) – Joined Princeton University in 2019 and is now the Assistant University Librarian for Teaching, Research and Social Sciences and Liaison for Indigenous Studies. Anu has held senior positions at other universities, including Harvard and Penn. Her research on aviation emissions for the Environmental Defense Fund was recognized by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as a significant contribution to the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. Anu is Treasurer and Governor for the Asian American Alumni Association of Princeton (A4P).

This program is hosted by the Princeton Women’s Network (PWN) and co-sponsored by the Asian American Alumni Association of Princeton (A4P), Association of Black Princeton Alumni (ABPA), Association of Latino Princeton Alumni (ALPA), Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni (APGA), Princeton Bisexual Transgender Gay and Lesbian Alumni (BTGALA), Native Alumni of Princeton (NAP), Princeton Veterans Alumni Association (PVETS), and the Ad Hoc Committee on Careers and Networking.

All members of the Princeton University community are welcome to participate in this event. This session will be recorded.

For questions about the panel, please contact Maureen Crough ’83, Chair, PWN Advisory Council.