No alumni activity is more important than helping determine who will become a part of our University community. Once again, we’re entering the application season and Princeton's Alumni Schools Committee is committed to offering interviews to every applicant.


If history is a reliable guide, we can expect more than 1000 applicants who must be interviewed between January 1 and the end of February. Your Princeton Club of Southern California would appreciate it very much if you could volunteer to take on a couple of interviews. These are exceptional students – well qualified and worth meeting.

There are seven ASC regions in greater Los Angeles:

  • Central
  • Inland Empire
  • Pasadena/San Gabriel Valley
  • San Fernando Valley
  • South Bay
  • South LA County
  • Westside

Please email the ASC chair for the area where you live and/or work. Tell them how many interviews you can conduct and advise if you’ll be unavailable during any portion of January and February.

To protect the privacy of our ASC chairs, you must be registered and logged into the website to view their email addresses.

Already a volunteer?  

Most applicants are willing to meet at a location and time convenient for you. You may also conduct interviews by phone or Skype.

Help the ASC and the Admission Office determine which students will thrive at the “best damn place of all.” Your help will be greatly appreciated, and you’ll find the process personally fulfilling!