PCSC Tiger Mentors

To foster a closer-knit alumni community, PCSC Tiger Mentors partners experienced alumni mentor-volunteers with recently-graduated alumni applicants in the same professional field: to help the newer alumni navigate their way in the real world and take their first practical steps toward achieving their occupational dreams.

Our Goals

  • Foster Closer Alumni Community

  • Promote Practical Professional Advancement

  • Expand Princeton’s Real-World Impact In Southern California

Being a Mentee

Welcome to the Real World! Like many recent alumni, you may have a direction you want your career to take, but no specific idea how to get yourself there. If only you had someone in your vocational field who could share their experience with you, give you detailed guidance and make specific introductions to help you along, and serve as your chief cheerleader and coach as you take your first steps into the professional world. Well, now you can! Through the PCSC Tiger Mentors program, you can have... [more]

Becoming a Mentor

Looking to boost your karma? Eager to share your wisdom? Wouldn’t it be great if you could help someone avoid all of the heartaches, mistakes, pitfalls, and misery that you went through way back when you were first starting out? Well, now you can!

Through the PCSC Tiger Mentors program, you can expand your sterling reputation into the realm of legend: by nurturing a newbie as they strive to take their first professional steps in the Real World – fostering... [more]