Mentee Application

I ______________________ [print name here] hereby agree to that I wish to be a Princeton Club of Southern California (“PCSC”) TIGER MENTEE – under all of the following provisions:

· [Term.] I understand that my assigned Mentor has committed to guide, advise, and assist me only for a one (1) year term – from October 1 of _____ [print current year here] to September 30 of ______ [print successive year here].

· [Chosen Profession.] I have selected _______________ [insert chosen profession here] as my chosen profession because I sincerely plan to make a long-term career in this field and sincerely want/need guidance and assistance to achieve my professional goals in such.

· [Development Of Specific Professional Goals.] With my Mentor’s guidance, I pledge to develop specific, practical, professional goals – and to develop measurable standards for progress and a plan for advancing those goals – in the profession I share with my Mentor.

· [Respect For Mentor’s Time.] I understand that my volunteer Mentor’s time is limited and his/her professional knowledge, guidance, and assistance is a precious resource. I pledge to be respectful toward my Mentor and to be mindful and respectful of his/her time.

· [Ban On Pestering.] I agree to make no more than one (1) attempt per week to contact or make outreach to my Mentor in any medium; and I agree to forego conduct that may seem harassing or overwhelming to my Mentor or my Mentor’s professional associates.

· [Ban On Job/Funds Solicitation.] I agree to forego soliciting my Mentor for direct employment, investments, funds, or financial support in any way during his/her term.

· [Ban On Unsolicited Work Product Submission.] I agree that, during my Mentor’s term of service, I will not submit any unsolicited work product (including but not limited to scripts, novels, films, books, papers, briefs, motions, applications, etc.) to my Mentor – or to my Mentor’s known associates – and that I will not ask my Mentor to review my work product (or that of my friends, colleagues, or partners) during my Mentor’s term of service.

o I understand that if my Mentor asks to review my or others’ work product, I may (but am not required) to share such work product with my Mentor.

· [Restriction On Referral Outreach.] I agree that I will not try to communicate with professional contacts identified/referred to me by my Mentor without my Mentor’s express permission; and I agree to be respectful and reasonable in all such referral outreach.

o I pledge to avoid referral outreach that may adversely affect/reflect on my Mentor.

· [Confidentiality Agreement.] I agree to keep confidential that information my Mentor designates as confidential, secret, or privileged; and I agree not to disclose such information to any person(s) without my Mentor’s express consent. I agree that this non-disclosure agreement shall be binding under California law during my Mentor’s term of service.

· [Timely Responses.] I pledge to respond within 48 hours (not counting weekends or holidays) to all of my Mentor’s outreach attempts to me – usually in the same medium.

· [Positive Interaction.] I pledge to be respectful, constructive, professional, and law-abiding in all of my communications and dealings with my Mentor.

o I understand and agree to forego improper conduct with my Mentor: including foregoing romantic/sexual relationships, conduct in violation of California or federal law, or conduct that violates Princeton University’s ethical standards.

· [Enthusiasm Pledge.] I enthusiastically pledge to make the Mentor-Mentee relationship a positive, uplifting/helpful, nurturing, and enlightening experience for all involved.

For more information, please contact the Mentorship Committee or visit our website. Further program details can be found here.

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