Mentor Application

I ______________________ [print name here] hereby agree to serve as a volunteer Princeton Club of Southern California (”PCSC”) TIGER MENTOR – under all of the following provisions:

· [Term.] I pledge to serve the full one (1) year term in service to my assigned Mentee.

o I understand that my term of service runs from October 1 of _____ [print current year here] to September 30 of ______ [print successive year here].

· [Role.] I pledge to be a guide/adviser, a resource, a role model, a brainstorming partner, and an encouraging friend to my assigned Mentee in our common profession.

· [Introduction Pledge.] I pledge to personally/in-person introduce my Mentee to at least one (1) of my professional associates who can directly advance my Mentee’s professional/career goals: such as an interview/audition, recruiter/agent, or hiring prospect.

o I understand that such must be a chaperoned endorsement, not just a referral.

· [Live Meetings.] I pledge to meet live with my Mentee – preferably in-person, but at least by videoconference – at least once every quarter [~once every three (3) months; e.g., four (4) times per one-year term of service]: in order to discuss my Mentee’s professional goals, to provide advice and support, to hear updates on their progress toward meeting his/her goals, and to brainstorm about ways to provide meaningful, practical, specific guidance and assistance to help my Mentee achieve his/her professional goals.

· [Check-Ins.] I pledge to digitally check-in and reach out to my Mentee by any practical medium (including voice call, text, email, or social media messaging) at least once every month, not counting the months of our live/in-person meetings, on the same subjects.

· [Timely Responses.] I pledge to respond within 48 hours (not counting weekends or holidays) to all of my Mentee’s outreach attempts to me – usually in the same medium.

o I understand that my Mentee has pledged to limit outreach to business/reasonable hours and to refrain from conduct that may feel like pestering or materials review.

· [Positive Interaction.] I pledge to be respectful, constructive, professional, and law-abiding in all of my communications and dealings with my Mentee.

· [Mentee-Centric Service.] I pledge to focus my service on my Mentee’s professional needs/interests, not my own, and to advance my Mentee’s chosen goals as best as I can.

o I understand that I am permitted, but not required, to hire my Mentee as an employee or intern: but only if such service is non-exploitative and focused on helping my Mentee advance his/her chosen goals in our mutual profession.

o I understand and agree to forego improper conduct with my Mentee: including foregoing romantic/sexual relationships, conduct in violation of California or federal law, or conduct that violates Princeton University’s ethical standards.

o I understand that, unless I have requested in writing the up-to-five-Mentee option, the maximum number of Mentees that I may be assigned is two.

· [Enthusiasm Pledge.] I enthusiastically pledge to make the Mentor-Mentee relationship a positive, uplifting/helpful, nurturing, and enlightening experience for all involved.

For more information, please contact the Mentorship Committee or visit our website.

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